Oscar's Story

Oscar was born with Caudal Regression. In Oscar case it affected his walking and being able to sit upright.

He was 3 days old when he got his first set of casts. He has had 4 sets since then. They were to make his legs straight and now in a sitting position so he can sit on his wheelchair. He has had 2 surgeries and has a surgery coming in May.

He received his electric wheelchair just in time for this school year. It was a great confident booster for him. He was able to eat on the table with his friends. He can walk with his friends and be as tall as them.

Oscar has a brother and 2 sisters.  He has a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles that are very supportive of him. He has adjusted to his life without walking but he does ask me questions weekly if he has one more surgery can he walk. I tell him that one day with all the technology out there they might be able to make him walk.

Oscar loves sports. He throws the football to classmates during break time. He plays basketball here at his house with his grandfather and football. He would have been a heck of an athlete because he shows so much heart in anything he does. 

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