Haileigh's Story

On June 6th Haileigh started to have stomach aches almost daily. Her dad Houston took her into urgent care on June 15th to make sure she didn’t have appendicitis. They did blood work and noticed her white blood cell count was elevated and sent her to an emergency room. Once at the ER they did more blood work and a CT scan of the abdomen and found numerous tumors.

She was admitted into the Prisma Childrens hospital in South Carolina. That evening they did another CT scan of her neck, shoulders and pelvis. It came back that she had tumors from her chest to her pelvis. Her lungs, kidney, liver, ovaries etc had tumors growing.  Thursday morning, June 16th, surgery was scheduled for Friday June 17th to do a biopsy of a couple tumors to find out what kind of cancer, place the chemo port, and bone marrow taken.

She was in the hospital until Monday June 20th when she was released. She was the life of the party there, making friends with the nurses who she is still in contact with over social media and just being her loving kind self. On June 21st we were finally able to fly back to Arizona. June 23rd we had an appointment at Diamond childrens in Tucson Az to get the results of her test. It came back that she had stage 4 Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor cancer. It is a rare form of cancer and that she would begin chemotherapy the following week.

Haileigh kicked butt during her first treatment, made TikTok’s with her nurses and kept up her great attitude.  She is currently undergoing chemo every other week, on a 3 day 5 day schedule. 

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