Dustin's Story

Meet Dustin 18-year-old senior at Mt Graham High School, a very active soccer player for both AYSO and Safford High School shortly into his sophomore year.

Dustin started to suffer from frequent extreme stomach cramps, nausea and rashes leading to many doctors’ visits with a lot of different explanations such as Covid, flues, viral infections, a hernia and even food allergies. 

September 18 Dustin was seen in the local emergency room.

He was told to follow up with his PC first thing next morning they sent him straight to Oncology.

On Sept 21 we found out Dustin has serotonin carcinoid syndrome.

We are currently going through extensive testing and scans to locate any tumors to treat with radiation. Dustin will have to be on daily medication and a monthly injection and repeated scans for the rest of his life.

Anytime a tumor pops up he will undergo radiation treatments.  

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